Christian Prophecy

Christian Prophecy

In the Bible are many great prophets such as Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, and the apostles themselves, but many believe that today in our modern world there is no such thing as Christian prophecy. Those who do not believe in Christian prophecy seem to forget that it was Jesus Himself who designated his future apostles and prophets. Those whose very lineage is mentioned in the New Testament were his prophets. However there truly are present-day apostles and prophets and their mission in Christian prophecy is the same, to bring the word of God into the modern world by building up the body of Christ.

Christian prophecy is a gift from God, so that a prophet can utilize the prophetic gift to verbalize what God wishes to say with regard to repentance, righteousness and bringing to healing to those who have broken spirits, wrecked souls and even broken bodies. The truth of Jesus can be communicated to them through Christian prophecy and thus God’s power to heal can be utilized, no matter what, for God’s forgiveness will be held in testimony.

Every one of us has a life assignment, but we not only do know what the assignment is nor do we know how we are to carry it out. A good portion of this knowledge is given to us with Christian prophecy. This is why God has given us the Master Prophet, the mentor and the men-tee, within Christian prophecy so that we understand the roads that will lead us to our knowledge of our assignment and how to proceed.

We have always known that God is a generous God, for he gave us his only son even, but now with Christian prophecy, he has given us yet another generous gift to not only guide us but to literally channel us. This channeling is done through Christian prophecy so that we know exactly what to do and when in order to fulfill our life’s assignment.

You see the “job” of a prophet is to actually speak and proclaim the mind of God through Christian prophecy. That’s quite an awesome responsibility and therefore doing it correctly becomes the prime directive as a prophet of God.

When a Christian prophet ministers using Christian prophecy, that prophet will deliver a combination of disclosures or revelations, as well as comfort to those afflicted by disease, poverty, addiction and a great number of other failings. Finally and probably most importantly, as far as the lay world of non believers are concerned, Christian prophecy brings forth learning and edification. To those who are already believers that merely strengthens their belief in that prophet, of course.

It is of supreme importance to remember that Christian prophecy was created by God, thus Christian prophets are the direct followers of Christ. This explains the respect and the attention we need to give Christian prophecy for no greater glory exists than to be a true Christian prophet. However, it is enormously vital to take into account that a veritable bonafide prophet using Christian prophecy must in essence at all times be one that has been blessed by the direct authority of the church.

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